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1. Sign in to your exchange account.
2. Click the POST LISTING icon, at the top of the screen.
4. Follow the directions and fill in the appropriate information to create an available listing.
5. When you are done, click the PREVIEW button. You will be shown your listing as it will appear on the exchange.
6. Please check your listing for errors and:

-If changes to your post are needed, scroll down and edit the listing.
-If all seems ok, click CONTINUE.

7. You will be asked “Would you like to attach a photo to your listing?” Click YES.
8. Select BROWSE and then locate the photo file on your computer.
9. Choose the file and click OPEN. Your file name and its location should appear in the photo upload field.
10. Click UPLOAD. If your file is not the correct size/dimensions, you’ll see an error message indicating what the specific problem is with your photo.
11. When your file has been uploaded, you will see the message “Your file has been successfully uploaded.” You should see your photo below this message.
12. Click CONTINUE. You will be taken to a message window indicating your listing was accepted and reminding you to remove your listing when you’ve had a successful exchange.
13. Click DONE. You’re done! You will be returned to the exchange home page.
14. If you need to edit your listing or photo, sign in to the Exchange and you can access it again through the MY LISTINGS icon next to POST LISTING at the top of the page.