Pennsylvania Material Trader
What is a coproduct and coproduct determination?

In general terms, a coproduct is a material generated by a manufacturing or production process, or a spent material, of a physical and chemical composition that is consistently equivalent to the produced raw material or product it is replacing.

Its use must present no greater threat of harm to human health and the environment than the use of the product or raw material. If the material meets the definition of a coproduct, it is not considered a waste.

A coproduct determination only applies to materials that will be applied to the land or used to produce products that are applied to the land, used for energy recovery, or used as a fuel. Coproduct determinations must be done in accordance with PA Code Title 25 Section 287.8. Documentation of the coproduct determination should be kept on-site. Although?coproduct determinations so not have to be submitted for DEP approval, many?facilities choose to submit documentation of the coproduct determination to their DEP regional office and request concurrence with the determination. If DEP does concur, they will send written confirmation.

If a coproduct is traded, the coproduct determination results must be shared with the party you are trading with.?