Pennsylvania Material Trader
Regulatory Requirements Overview

Although Material Trader does not assume any responsibility for identifying the type of material or the regulations that may apply to the trade (see User Agreement), it is important for all Material Trader users to be aware of regulations that govern the handling, processing, and disposal of waste materials in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Solid Waste Management Act establishes the authority for Municipal, Residual, and Hazardous waste regulations. The PA Department of Environmental Protection oversees waste management in Pennsylvania.

Municipal Waste Regulations

Residual Waste Regulations

Hazardous Waste Regulations

Under environmental regulations, the generator of the material is ultimately responsible for determining the appropriate regulatory classification for their material, and assuring that all appropriate waste determination procedures and regulations are met. This includes the ultimate disposition of any waste materials from your facility.

Material Trader users also should be aware of regulations that may affect how you transport the material. The PA Department of Transportation may have waste transportation requirementsin addition to those required by PA DEP.

Regulations that may affect your trade may depend on:

  • Your type of business or organization
  • The type and classification of your material (i.e. is it considered a waste?)
  • The amount of material
  • How the material will be processed
  • The end use of the material
  • How the material will be stored until it is recycled or exchanged
  • How the material will be transported

If you need help determining requirements that apply for your specific situation, please contact your local PA SBDC Environmental Consultant by filling out this form.